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Spend Your Summer Enjoying God's Creation

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Welcome to Camp MoVal

Nestled amid rolling hills a few miles west of Union, Missouri, Camp MoVal has been welcoming campers of all ages to participate in a wide variety of programs and activities since 1962. We ensure every camper at Camp MoVal has an amazing and unique camp experience in a safe and fun atmosphere.


We are a traditional Summer Camp with a legacy of rituals - both new and old - that are unique to Camp MoVal and that makes the time with us so enjoyable and enriching for our campers.

Camp MoVal is located on 280 acres that include beautiful forests, native prairie, streams, and a lake. Facilities include a dining and meeting hall, four lakeside cabins, two retreat lodges, two rustic camping villages, high and low ropes courses, a boat and fishing dock, game and archery fields, hiking trails, and more. Come and explore, retreat and relax, and let the Camp MoVal staff assist your church, family, school or organization with your next camp or retreat program.

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Assist each camper in his/her own spiritual growth and development

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Help each camper appreciate their natural surroundings, conserve, and protect the environment.

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Provide experience for each camper to set goals and challenge him/herself while discovering new skills and abilities

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Provide opportunities for each camper to live and participate in group living and be part of a healthy, active community

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Get Involved

Camp MoVal is blessed by the generosity of our churches, campers, and guest groups. If you would like to give of your time to assist in a work project or be a volunteer in one or more of our programs, please contact our office. Your service is what makes the ministry we do possible. 

There are also opportunities to assist in the ministry we provide and to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay for all guests by donating. Contributions of goods or monetary. donations are most appreciated.

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