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At Camp MoVal, we offer many activities free of charge.

Such as hiking trails, campfires, game fields, and sporting areas!

We also feature activities groups can opt-in to purchase.


Hiking Trails

Enjoy the countless trails to explore with a group. Go deep into the woods or stay close to camp.

Included Free

One last campfire to wrap up Grandparent


Camp MoVal offers many opportunities to spend the nights next to a warm contained campfire.

Included Free

Our GaGa ball pit now has matting for ex

Game Fields & Sports

Any kind of sport you can think of, Camp MoVal offers. Including the camp favorite GaGa Ball Pit.

Included Free

This short week has been such a joy with


At Camp MoVal we offer canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats.

Come paddle away on our 7-acre man-made lake.

The rate is $35 per hour.

Bullseye! 🎯 Our outback campers were on


Camp MoVal's archery range is fully equipped, and we are ready to teach you how to hit a bullseye!

Minimum 8 persons.

The rate is $35 per hour.

Posing pretty in the pool! 🏊🏻‍♀️☁️ #be


The swimming pool was renovated in 2006 to be fully handicap accessible.  The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The rate is $50 per hour.

_Work smarter, not harder__#campmoval #u

Challenge Course

Excellent for team building. The course is a great opportunity for people to learn to be collaborative and challenged at the same time. Max of 15 persons per session.

The rate is $50 per hour.

MSO19 (52).jpg

High Ropes

Camp MoVal's high ropes course is 30 feet off the ground in places and has three challenging courses with 12 different elements that end at our zip-line. Max. of 15 persons per session.

The rate $150 per hour.

In 3 days, you will be driving down this


A Camp MoVal favorite and tradition! Have our trusty tractor pull you around camp in a hay-filled wagon and see all the campsite has to offer, including TAMBO village!

The rate is $35 per hour.

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