• Jeremy Force

Jonah and Tough Times

Updated: Apr 21

As we are trying to figure out what a normal might be, we are living in a time that is different than it was just a few months ago. I know for myself, I am a planner and I thought I pretty well prepared over the next several months, getting ready for summer camp, hosting groups, visiting with family and friends and then came change. We are in a place where we cannot go out and really socialize, be close to others, or just have some normalcy in our lives.

I know this can be frustrating and hard, so what can we do in this tough time? One of the stories for camp this summer is the story of Jonah. As I was going through the story again, I started thinking about Jonah and some of his frustrations. When times get tough, the question is do we go to God or do we try to avoid God like Jonah did. Just like with Jonah, God will be with us through these tough and changing times.